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All inquiries are welcome including those interested in seeing if a possible reduction in value might be

possible or if the Notice Value on a specific property appears worthy of protest based on a preliminary

review of comparables of similar properties in the neighborhood, appropriately adjusted. This can

help determine the early feasibilty of justifying the filing of a protest. There is no fee for this feasibility study.


Thanks for your interest.

Scope of Services;


Welcome to the Home Page of William Martin AIA & Associates Property Tax Consultant

We offer property valuation assessments on both commercial and residential properties

and assist Clients in appealing the values set by Appraisal Districts throughout Central Texas

when requested, using time tested real estate valuation methods and appraisal techniques.

We file all necessary paperwork including protests, prepare evidence and attend both informal

and/or formal hearings before the Appraisal District and/or the Appraisal Review Board as

necessary and promptly notify the client of hearing results verbally and in writing.




Valuations can vary considerably from year to year based on economic factors and sales

and can also vary on similar properties depending on the age, size, condition and class or

construction type. Current data is used in all valuations and is adjusted appropriately in 

cases involving both cost and equity approaches to property valuations.


Independently prepared Fee Appraisals are recommended or used only when justified

or when available or furnished by others. It may become necessary to time adjust such

appraisals to more accurately reflect the estimated value of a property at the time of a

scheduled hearing. Assessment date of all properties in Texas is January 1 of each year

as set forth in the Texas Property Tax Code therefore both sales comps and Fee Appraisals

are subject to appropriate time adjustments accordingly to more accurately reflect market

value as of the assessment date.




All information furnished by the property owner to us will remain strictly confidential and is

used in hearings only to the extent necessary to help reduce the Notice Value of a subject

property. The cost basis of a property is never revealed to the Appraisal District unless that

evidence can serve to help reduce the owners property tax burden. All such information

provided by the owner to us is stamped Confidential if and when it is submitted as evidence

in both informal and formal hearings.


Useful Web Sites: 


www.traviscad.org  (Travis Central Appraisal District )

www.wcad.org  (Williamson Central Appraisal District ) 

www.co.travis.tx.us  ( Travis County Tax Assessors Office )

www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/proptax/  (State Comptroller )

www.city-data.com/city/austin-texas/html  (City of Austin Data )

www.texas.gov  (State of Texas information )